About Us

Welcome to godimedia18.com. GM18 is a reader-supported, independent digital news platform. In an industry driven by corporate and government interests, we strongly believe in the need for an independent news model, and a free and accountable press.Through media critique, reportage, podcasts, documentaries, comics and animation, our stories bring you the latest in current affairs in innovative and engaging formats.

As the world around us changes rapidly, so must journalism and news platforms, in order to stay useful to its readers. The godimedia18 periodically takes stock of topics, issues, and causes that are relevant to the times we live in and ensures that these stories do not go untold.Some of our top focus areas remain health and the COVID-crisis and its fallouts, gender, law, the economy and unemployment.

In addition, we are also building a new vertical around climate change, through detailed, on-ground coverage of vulnerable populations and landscapes. Through a mix of documentaries, reports, interviews, and more, we hope to highlight the issues caused by this global crisis through the perspectives of those on the frontlines of it.

Our journalism aims to be extensive, yet inclusive; hard-hitting, yet sensitive a platform for marginalised voices and stories from India’s remotest corners.